New BookPeople Gift Card Scheme

Below is a summary of the key features of the new program. 

Our program partner

Our partner Vii Solutions has plenty of experience in the book industry and larger retailers like Myer and Peter Alexander. Vii are there to assist us as we transition to the new system with video training plus an ongoing call centre to assist both you and your customers with any inquiries. BookPeople staff are also available during business hours to assist.

Availability and format

The cards, both in physical and digital format, will initially be available for consumers to purchase through the BookPeople gift card website,

Later this year member stores will be able to sell the physical cards direct to customers. 

The new gift cards can be partly or fully redeemed by a customer, which is an updated feature. 

Steps to enable you to accept BookPeople Gift Cards

You will need to set up your POS to accept BookPeople Gift Cards:

  • Circle users - the gift cards are integrated as BookPeople Gift Card tender for in-store and online redemption
  • Booknet users - create a BookPeople Gift Card tender
  • Ebility users - create a BookPeople Gift Card tender
  • Other systems – either create a BookPeople Gift Card tender or utilise an old tender such as ‘cheque’

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