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BookPeople Penguin Random House Young Bookseller of the Year SHORTLIST

Tuesday 21st May 

Congratulations to this year's shortlisted booksellers!

  • Madeleine Delany, Fullers Bookshop, Hobart TAS
  • Lexie Eatock, Better Read Than Dead, Newton NSW
  • Manuela Ocampo, The Book Cow Bookshop ACT
  • Evie Rashell, The Book Warehouse, Lismore NSW
  • Indianna Saunders-Shaw, Farrells Bookshop, Mornington VIC
  • Molly Smith, Readings Emporium, Melbourne VIC

Nomination summaries:

Madeleine Delany, Fullers Bookshop

In a short time, Maddy has risen to be one of Fullers’ key staff, taking on the role of events coordinator which includes scheduling for all activities such as reading groups. Maddy’s organisational skills mean she has performed this this role with aplomb and has secured major events as well as actively seeking out local talent and organising event programming around them.

In 2023 Maddy worked on Threatened Species Day, in collaboration with the Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) where she organised a panel with authors Jane Rawson, Andrew Darby and Nicole Gill, which resulted in a lively and well-attended event that raised money for the TLC. She also strives to promote books on important issues, such as organising a special event last year for the hotly-anticipated reprint of Trawlwoolway artist Julie Gough's Tense Past. She has instigated a number of programs such as a regular drawing class with a local artist which serves as a practical analog to a reading group for the art section. Fullers’ events program contributes significantly to the cultural life of Hobart and Tasmania and Maddy has been a large part of that.

Maddy is regularly involved with management discussions for the shop as a whole and is an excellent bookseller on the shop floor. She also works as publishing assistant for Fullers’ in-house publisher, serving variously as editor, proofreader and liaison between author, designer, and printer. In this capacity, she has been instrumental in publishing books such as The Native Tribes of Tasmania, an important 19th century book on Tasmania's Black War, which Fullers published in collaboration with historian Henry Reynolds.

Lexie Eatock, Better Read Than Dead

Lexie is a fantastic bookseller with a passion for what she does. She frequently promotes translated fiction, queer literature and First Nations authors. She diversifies the Better Read Than Dead bookshelves in a meaningful and considered way based on her intimate awareness of their community and their reading preferences and interests.

Lexie's recommendations are one-of-a-kind and her Translated Tales Book Club is a staple in the Book Club program with dedicated and enthusiastic members that are always asking Lexie questions to better understand the world of translated fiction that she has excitedly introduced them to. Lexie's Instagram is also a delight, with honest and often hilarious book reviews.

Lexie's taste in buying has contributed to the wider Australian book industry by bringing in unique works that readers may not otherwise have access to. Her ability to bring lesser-known authors and works into the spotlight is a huge asset to the Australian bookselling/buying community.

Manuela Ocampo, The Book Cow Bookshop

Manuela's journey to bookselling is unique, with a rich background as a head librarian and early childhood educator in Colombia and Australia. From her first day at The Book Cow, her passion for children's literature has shone brightly, significantly enriching the shop's atmosphere and offerings.

Manuela's outstanding customer service has been pivotal in expanding The Book Cow’s range of children's books, including multilingual selections. Her dedication to sourcing hard-to-find books for kids, schools, and adult customers alike is exemplary. Under her guidance, The Book Cow has evolved into Canberra's leading children's book destination.

Manuela's impact extends far beyond the bookshop's walls. She initiated a toddler storytime in Green Square, which started small but now runs twice a week, attracting up to 30 families. Her sessions, featuring captivating stories, stuffed toys, music, and interactive activities, have created a vibrant space for children to foster a love of reading. Manuela and Peter Rabbit, her partner in storytime, are so popular they get invited to toddler birthday parties.

Her dedication has transformed these gatherings into cherished rituals, fostering a sense of belonging and reducing isolation among new parents. Every quarter, Manuela also holds sessions on reading to newborns for new mums in the local yoga bubs group, providing valuable insights and fostering early literacy.

Manuela actively participates in teacher and librarian events, sharing strategies to make reading enjoyable for children. Her contributions enrich the educational community and promote literacy. Her Instagram channels, with over 1,000 followers combined, further amplify her passion for literature and connect readers, authors, and fellow booksellers contributing to the vitality of the Australian book industry.

Evie Rashell, The Book Warehouse Lismore

Evie recently celebrated her one-year anniversary as Manager of The Book Warehouse Lismore. Previously a casual sales assistant, Evie managed to study full-time at university in a different state while traveling to oversee the store. She has since completed her degree in Business/Marketing and now works full-time as the Manager, coordinating a staff of 10.

In her role, Evie is responsible for ordering new release books for the Book Warehouse group and reordering for the Lismore store. Her days are varied, encompassing tasks such as fielding email queries, completing quotes and orders for schools, assisting on the floor, managing the store's Instagram account, handling returns, and supporting both staff and customers.

Evie’s commitment extends beyond typical store hours as she actively oversees and contributes to author events, writer's festivals, and school book fairs. Notably, she recently orchestrated a collaboration with Timbre, a local coffee bar and community library, and Blackfulla Bookclub for the launch of The Great Undoing, a debut novel by First Nations author Sharlene Allsopp.

Evie recently applied to volunteer at the Brisbane Writer's Festival and intends to apply for the Byron Bay Writer's Festival. She seeks to contribute to the book industry wherever possible in her free time and aspires to acquire a Master of Publishing and Editing in the future.

Indianna Saunders-Shaw, Farrells Bookshop

Indy has worked at Farrells Bookshop for almost 8 years. When she started with Farrells she was a very shy young woman, but over the years has grown into an integral staff member who is across all elements of the day to day running of the shop. Indy has many roles, primarily customer service and receiving/returning stock, but also staff supervision and training, ordering, administration of school accounts and visual merchandising as required. She is reliable and confident with all tasks presented, has a go-to approach and is willing to give anything a try to increase her skills and knowledge.

Known affectionately as ‘the guru’, Indy's expertise in Junior, Middle Grade, YA, and Fantasy genres, as well as autism-related books, is exceptional. Her recommendations are highly valued, attracting a loyal customer base. A significant achievement was establishing a manga section, transforming it into a well-performing product category thanks to her knowledge and enthusiasm.

In the past year, Indy initiated and regularly updates in-store posters with unique book recommendations, boosting sales. She excels in themed visual merchandising, including promoting books for children starting school, addressing specific issues, celebrating award nominees, and improving diversity in children’s literature.

One of the most wonderful aspects of Indy’s bookselling approach is its authenticity. Her customer service stems from her genuine love and enthusiasm for books. She builds and maintains meaningful relationships with customers, remembering their preferences and guiding them on their reading journeys. Indy’s research keeps the team informed about upcoming books, fostering camaraderie and aiding the buying process. It is little wonder why Farrells customers seek her out and actively want to access her knowledge and expertise.

Molly Smith, Readings Emporium

As a career bookseller, Molly is a calming presence at the busy Readings CBD shop. She is patient and friendly with both staff and customers and has extensive knowledge across all genres, staying abreast of reviews and new titles to ensure she can make the best book recommendations. Many of her co-workers look to her for advice and guidance and customers return for her uncanny ability to match the books to the readers.

In the absence of Kate, Readings Emporium Manager, Molly confidently manages the shop, staff, and customers. Over the years, her role has expanded to include stationery and gift buying, an area she has nurtured with care, resulting in a 25% increase in unit sales year on year. Customers frequently praise the variety and quality of items she curates. Molly takes great pride in ensuring the shop and its displays are well presented and welcoming.

An integral part of the team since the shop’s opening, Molly is beloved by staff and customers alike. She plays a crucial role in managing author events and signings, ensuring both authors and readers feel welcomed and comfortable. The local literary community around the shop, and those that come into the CBD from the suburbs that don’t have a bookshop, feel the shop is inviting and staff helpful, with Google reviews often commenting on the helpful and friendly staff.

Molly’s exceptional customer service and generous sharing of knowledge contribute to the shop's positive reputation. She trains new staff and mentors work experience students, providing them with a thorough understanding of the industry and fostering a love for local authors.

Hardie Grant Children's Publishing 2024 Children's Bookseller of the Year SHORTLIST

Tuesday 21st May

Congratulations to this year's shortlisted booksellers!

  • Jennifer Jackson, Paper Bird Children's Books & Art, Fremantle WA
  • Samantha Kelly, Readings Doncaster, Doncaster VIC
  • Allyx Lathrope, Books Kinokuniya, Sydney NSW
  • Katherine Matthews, Mary Martin Bookshop, Melbourne VIC
  • Pauline McLeod, Riverbend Books, Bulimba QLD
  • Anna Sheen, Quick Brown Fox Bookshop, Grange QLD

Nomination summaries:

Jennifer Jackson, Paper Bird Children’s Books & Arts

Jennifer is the Director of Paper Bird Children’s Books & Arts. Having worked in London, Perth and Melbourne in child mental health services and as an avid supporter of children’s literature and arts centres across the world, she has collected her ideas, vision and enthusiasm to create a story house for children in Fremantle where there is a wealth of local children’s writers, illustrators and story tellers.

Jennifer has created several initiatives to enhance the role of the bookshop. StoryLab is a young storytellers centre based at Paper Bird as part of the Globe Town Project. It helps young people aged 6-16 years develop their creative voice through the sharing of stories and ideas. Flight Gallery is an art space that runs workshops for kids and adults. It features a retail space with art books, hosts author events, and serves as a function room for the local community.

Jen’s latest initiative is the Paper Bird Speaker’s Agency to provide a link between speakers and workshop facilitators specialising in literary arts and storytelling with educators and community groups such as libraries and festivals.

As the Founding Director of the Woylie Project, Jen facilitated the development of Australia’s first dedicated Aboriginal story festival for kids, focusing on Noongar stories and a diverse range of Aboriginal stories from across Australia in collaboration with Magabala Books. The inaugural festival was held in 2018. This initiative led to the establishment of the Woylie Room at Paper Bird, a permanent space promoting and featuring Indigenous literature, representing Noongar and other Indigenous stories from across Australia.

Through these projects and initiatives, Jennifer has created a rich cultural and creative hub, nurturing young talents, supporting artists, and celebrating diverse stories within the community.


Samantha Kelly, Readings Bookshop Doncaster

Samantha is the Children's Specialist Senior Bookseller and Duty Manager at Readings Doncaster. She curates junior, middle fiction, children's graphic novels and works with schools and libraries on book recommendations and orders. Additionally, she trains new staff and enhances team skills.

Her passion for children's books is infectious, and she loves finding the perfect book for young readers. Samantha also coordinates the Doncaster Books Club, which she initiated five years ago. Since joining in November 2018, she has launched and grown two monthly book clubs. By February 2019, she started the Readings Doncaster Middle Fiction Book Club, which has become a significant success.

To cater to older participants, she launched a Young Adult (YA) book club, both clubs drawing 10-14 attendees monthly. These clubs have not only inspired members to pursue careers in bookselling, writing, and publishing but have also provided a nurturing environment for them to forge friendships.

Samantha spotlights Australian authors, hosting local writers as guest speakers to elevate talent and inspire club members. She emphasises diversity in stories and authors, ensuring kids see themselves reflected in books with many members, especially in the YA club, being neurodivergent and/or queer.

In the past year, she organised sessions with notable authors like Alice Pung, Amie Kaufman, and Zana Fraillon, offering young readers insights into the writing process and Australian publishing landscape.


Allyx Lathrope, Books Kinokuniya

Allyx is both the Kinokuniya English Books Department Manager and the Children’s and Young Adult Books Buyer.

As a Children's Books specialist, Allyx encourages and fosters a love of children's books among staff by drawing their attention to titles that she knows they will enjoy talking about and handselling. If a picture book is a particular favourite, Allyx will host an Info-Desk Picture Book Storytime to share it with floor staff. She is also responsible for organising the very successful campaigns, events and school holiday activities.

Allyx has been an active member of the Kids’ Reading Guide team for the past 11 years and helps choose and review titles for the twice-yearly Kids’ Reading Guides.

In March 2023, Allyx fought against the banning of Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe when it was called-in for review by the Australian Classification Board. Kinokuniya paid the fee to have the book reviewed with the hope it would remain on shelves. Allyx wrote, filed, and sent the argument to the Board, fighting for Gender Queer to be available once more in bookstores and libraries in Australia.

The Board initially ruled the book “Unrestricted, with a recommendation for Mature readers over 15 years”. After an appeal in May 2023, Allyx once again defended the book before the Classification Board, sharing Kinokuniya’s efforts with a wide audience in an effort to alert and mobilise their customers and other parties interested in ensuring that this title and the wider freedom to read would remain available to Australian readers.


Katherine Matthews, Mary Martin Bookshop

Kat is a committed bookseller with a flair for children's literature, significantly increasing Mary Martin’s stock of children's books to 50% at Port Melbourne and 40% at Southgate. Her passion for nurturing a love of reading led her to initiate a weekly pre-school storytelling time, which has grown to include author sessions, book launches, and illustrator workshops. This program has built a loyal community of young readers.

At the Queen Victoria Market shop, Kat hosts weekend storytime sessions, complemented by face-painting for donations to the ILF. She has also organised successful events like a Teddy Bear's Picnic to celebrate Love Your Bookshop Day. Kat creates an ambience within the stores with her displays and settings which is appealing, safe and thoroughly attractive to families.

Kat has forged strong ties with local schools resulting in initiatives like a week-long book fair at Port Melbourne Primary School, boosting both revenue and fundraising efforts. She also spearheaded a book donation drive for Port Melbourne Secondary College, yielding nearly 600 books annually. Additionally, she created a birthday book-box program for kindergartens where Mary Martin supplies books to the kinder, allowing parents to buy a book for their birthday child which gets read in class and the book is donated to the kinder library after.

In 2023, Kat coordinated the bookshop’s fifth annual Melbourne Treasure Hunt, attracting over 1,000 participants. Recognised for her expertise, Kat is a repeat guest at KidLitVic and played a key role in sponsoring ‘The Reading Realm’ podcast by local secondary students.


Pauline McLeod, Riverbend Bookshop

Pauline has been with Riverbend Bookshop for over eleven years, working tirelessly to develop an extensive schools business. Along with her team, she created Riverbend Standing Orders, a subscription service providing high-quality books to over 180 primary and secondary schools, allowing for volume orders from suppliers.

Pauline maintains exemplary communication with teachers, offering essential support and information. Her book curation and accompanying teacher's notes are vital for many schools, especially with the decline in teacher librarians. She also facilitates teacher librarian book clubs, providing essential professional development through monthly in-depth text analyses.

As a children's and young adult specialist, Pauline regularly speaks to teachers and parents. She is a dedicated member of the CBCA QLD Branch, volunteering as the newsletter editor, and is a constant presence at author events for children's writers and illustrators. Additionally, she serves on the Kids’ Reading Guide selection committee.

Pauline is a fantastic ambassador for Riverbend Bookshop, and now Wild Things, and Avid Reader, as well as for children's literature. The success of Riverbend, especially with its new location and ownership, heavily relies on Pauline and her team.

Her long-standing involvement in the local literary community includes organising literary events, volunteering with the CBCA, and supporting school libraries and staff through her work at Riverbend.


Anna Sheen, Quick Brown Fox Bookshop

Anna co-founded Quick Brown Fox in 2022, single-handedly curated a unique and high-quality selection of books. Her business acumen and well-versed understanding of the genre enabled the bookshop to quickly gain a reputation for exceptional children's books in Brisbane.

With extensive reading experience across children's, young adult and adult literature, Anna stays abreast of current trends, emerging authors, and timeless classics. This enables Anna to provide expert recommendations tailored to each individual customer's preferences and needs.

Anna is integral to day-to-day operations, connecting with customers of all ages and offering reading choices that stimulate and cater to diverse interests. Her welcoming, empathetic demeanour makes her a trusted advisor for book recommendations.

Anna goes above and beyond in researching and tracking down special requests, demonstrating a knack for predicting future bestsellers. As the primary inventory decision-maker, she ensures a fresh and relevant selection of books. Her creativity is evident in eye-catching displays that champion Australian and local and her committed to diversity is evident in the books she chooses to display and recommend.

In addition to her shop duties, Anna organises book clubs, author events, and school visits. She leads a strong network of Teacher Librarians and drives the bookshop’s holiday program, connecting authors and illustrators with the community as well reviewing for the Kids’ Reading Guide and QSLA.

Anna’s dedication to the book industry and her community fosters a love of reading. Her influence ensures Quick Brown Fox Bookshop remains a vibrant, inclusive space that positively impacts the local community.

BookPeople Text Publishing 2024 Bookseller of the Year SHORTLIST

Tuesday 21 May

Congratulations to this year's shortlisted booksellers!

  • Matt Davis, The Bookshop Queenscliff, Queenscliff VIC
  • Charlotte Guest, The Book Bird, Geelong VIC
  • Les McDonald, The Bookshop Darlinghurst, Darlinghurst NSW
  • Megan McPheat, Harry Hartog, Sydney NSW
  • Anna Savvas, The Bookshop Darwin, Darwin NT
  • Andrew Sims, Gleebooks, Glebe NSW

Nomination summaries:

Matt Davis, The Bookshop at Queenscliff

Matt is the living, pounding heart of this magnificent bookshop. With a career spanning back to the 90s at Mary Martin Bookshop and The Technical Bookshop, Matt brought his extensive knowledge as a Manager and Buyer to establish The Bookshop at Queenscliff in 2019. His strong business sense, coupled with an insatiable curiosity for books and a genuine care for people, has made the shop a cherished destination in Queenscliffe and the Bellarine.

Matt's decision to open the shop 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm was a significant undertaking, showcasing his commitment to making the bookstore a beacon of hope and inspiration for visitors far and wide. His passion for ideas ensures the shop is always stocked with the latest releases alongside intriguing and unusual titles from around the world.

Matt has created a haven of knowledge and discovery for adults and children alike, making the bookshop a favorite spot in town — vouchers are a number one party gift! He actively promotes books, the bookshop, and the broader bookselling world through local initiatives, online channels, and literary festivals. He serves as the official bookseller for the Queenscliffe Literary Festival and oversees the bookshop's Book Club. In 2023 he published the book Stories from Life, written by children at Queenscliff Primary School, which was sold in-store, with all proceeds returned to the school.

Matt is a vocal and active participant in the book trade, providing advice and encouragement to new bookshops like Heads & Tales. Matt is always supportive of local bookselling friends, The Book Bird in Geelong and Bookgrove in Ocean Grove, promoting, supporting and attending their events, as well as the nearby Sorrento Writers Festival.

Matt believes wholeheartedly in the independent bookselling world, and always puts the future of books and booksellers ahead of his own shop. He sees his work running his own bookstore as part of a larger picture, of the survival and endurance of books and ideas, no matter what.

Charlotte Guest, The Book Bird

Since 2018, Charlotte has been a beloved presence at The Book Bird. Starting as a casual bookseller, she quickly advanced to Events Management and Assistant Manager roles. Most recently, she has excelled as Store Manager during an extended maternity leave, a position she has held for the past 18 months. In this period, Charlotte has embraced full store management responsibilities, including staff management and the substantial task of buying for the shop — despite having no prior experience in buying. Her dedicated professionalism, impeccable attention to detail, and unwavering passion for bookselling have truly shone through.

Charlotte’s greatest contribution is her extraordinary passion for bookselling and her knack for innovative thinking. She views bookselling as a career, not just a retail job. She can pitch a book more succinctly than its blurb and engages customers with a warm, gentle approach, leading to repeat visits and trusted recommendations.

As The Book Bird’s Ideas Woman, Charlotte has revolutionised the events program and social media presence. Her creative initiatives, from Haiku competitions to window shopping via QR codes and bicycle book delivery during COVID lockdowns, have captured customers' imaginations and marketed The Book Bird uniquely.

Charlotte actively contributes to Geelong’s literary community, organising events with authors who might not otherwise reach a regional location like Anna Funder, Charlotte Wood, Bruce Pascoe, and Bri Lee. She has fostered partnerships with local arts organisations, such as The Storymakers Institute podcast, and is planning a special book club series with the Geelong Gallery. She also created a new section for plays and scripts to reach the vibrant local theatre community.

Charlotte's involvement extends beyond the shop. She hosts conversations and facilitates author talks at writers' festivals and libraries, building her profile in the Australian literary community. Her engagements with The KO Creative Studio and Geelong Library, along with upcoming regional writers' festivals, showcase her adept skills and passion for fostering literary connections.

Les McDonald, The Bookshop Darlinghurst

Les, the founding owner of Australia's oldest LGBTIQ+ bookshop, established in 1982, still works part-time in the shop at 72 despite some health issues. Many of The Bookshop Darlinghurst’s customers, particularly older gay men, have been served by Les for decades and cherish their catch-ups with him.

In the early 1980s, when The Bookshop Darlinghurst was first established, it was groundbreaking. There were almost no Australian LGBTIQ+ books, so much of the stock had to be imported from America. It was crucial to have titles about coming out, both for individuals recognising their identity and for their parents. When HIV/AIDS emerged, the bookshop provided an extensive collection of books on the subject. In the pre-internet era, people turned to books for information, and Les ensured they had access to what they needed.

Les and The Bookshop Darlinghurst have also played a huge role in supporting local LGBTIQ+ authors over the decades. By the mid-1990s, there was a surge of interest, with many important books published. Despite challenges from competition like Amazon and eBooks, the bookshop has persevered, especially with the community's support during tough times like COVID.

Remarkably, Les has kept his bookshop going when so many specialist LGBTIQ+ bookshops worldwide have closed down. While there were once hundreds, now only a dozen remain globally. Australia is fortunate to have two, with The Bookshop Darlinghurst leading the way. As Australian publishers increasingly embrace diverse voices, it is an honour to recognise Les's achievement in making these voices available for over four decades.

Megan McPheat, Harry Hartog

Megan manages and trains the Harry Hartog inventory team, ensuring replenishment for all 20 shops, securing the best margins, and arranging bulk backlist discounts for key trading times and promotions. She oversees returns and agency changes, always ready to guide and share her extensive knowledge with the team. Megan's brilliance and passion for bookselling have a direct impact on company-wide sales.

Her enthusiasm was evident when she championed the May release When the Moon Hatched by Sarah A. Parker, resulting in a six-fold increase in orders and 100 preorders, far exceeding the usual 1 or 2. Megan's connections with authors like Lynette Noni led to over 1,400 copies sold of Noni's latest book and back catalogue, both domestically and internationally.

Megan's dedication extends to small local publishers like Boolarong Press, boosting business significantly. Her relentless pursuit of unique offerings for Harry Hartog has resulted in impressive sales of special editions with sprayed edges. A passionate social media user, Megan connects with authors and publishers, researching the next big trends and sharing insights globally with booksellers and publishers. Her advocacy led to some Source Books being taken off PRH’s indent list, positioning Harry Hartog ahead of the curve.

Megan's support for genre fiction authors has driven notable sales across the company, and she actively participates in author events and runs two longstanding book clubs. Her immense knowledge and enthusiasm for connecting books, authors, and readers inspire booksellers of all ages. Megan's passion, creativity, and work ethic ensure bookshops remain community hubs, vital to the thriving Australian book industry.

Anna Savvas, The Bookshop Darwin

Anna has created a sanctuary in the middle of the city with The Bookshop Darwin. She fosters a supportive and empowering environment for her staff, providing care, mentoring, and a sense of belonging. Anna ensures that every individual — staff, customer, or author — feels valued and important.

Anna also supports her staff in their literary pursuits outside the shop. She encouraged Laura Lewis to moderate an author talk with Alley Pascoe, leading to Laura's invitation to facilitate a session at the 2024 NT Writers Festival. Anna’s dedication over 21 years has made the bookshop integral to the local community and her mentorship has been vital to her staff's professional growth.

Beyond the bookstore, Anna is deeply involved with authors, community programs, youth reading initiatives, and literary events. Her partnership with the Northern Territory Writer’s Centre (NTWC) has connected the bookstore with the NT Writers Festival. She supports NTWC's fundraising activities and helped set up a book stall at the remote Barunga Festival, promoting First Nation authors and stories. The bookshop regularly sponsors the Young Territory Author Awards.

As chair of the Darwin City Retailers Association, Anna advocates for local businesses and fosters community collaboration. Her dedication to nurturing talent and promoting Australian literature, particularly local NT authors, is evident through hosting book launches, signings, and promotional activities. Anna generously pays forward her expertise and supports fellow booksellers, contributing to the growth and success of the wider book industry.

Anna engages with government representatives, advocating for policies that support the book industry, including funding for literary programs and initiatives to promote reading and literacy nationwide. The success of the bookshop under Anna's guidance, including recognition as a sustainable bookstore in Australia, highlights her business acumen and dedication to excellence. The shop regularly hosts touring authors and co-presents industry events such as The Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Notable Event. By fostering a sense of community and providing a platform for writers and readers alike, Anna embodies the spirit of bookselling and contributes to the enduring legacy of storytelling in Australia.

Andrew Sims, Gleebooks

Andrew has excelled in all aspects of the bookshop's needs and activities at Gleebooks for nearly three decades. His roles have spanned buyer, customer service, trainer, website manager, assistant newsletter manager, marketer through online and personalised recommendations, and long-term and highly-regarded personnel manager. Andrew sets the highest standards for himself and consistently meets them, earning the respect and personal regard of both a large customer base and his colleagues.

Andrew has formed solid, professional, and ongoing relationships with schools, university bodies, literary and social organisations, and other groups. His attention to detail, book knowledge, and supply chain expertise enable him to manage commitments of all sizes. His management of Gleebooks’ engagement with the Women's Justice Network's ‘Freadom Inside’ project is exemplary. His role in recommending, requisitioning, and managing the provision of books for women in prison demonstrates his dedication and expertise. Similarly, his 20-year management of book sales at the Sydney Writers Festival, a multi-sited week-long event servicing 80,000 attendees, showcases his organisational skills and commitment.

Andrew's impact as a dedicated bookseller cannot be overstated. He reads widely and deeply, sharing his love of good books in print and in person, tirelessly working to get those books into the hands of the reading community. His extensive experience and unwavering dedication have made a significant difference at Gleebooks, benefiting both customers and the broader literary community. Andrew’s passion and commitment have enriched the lives of countless readers and upheld the highest standards of bookselling.

Amy McKinnon, Where the Wild Things Are travels to Chicago

Thursday 2nd May

In February, I was fortunate to travel to Chicago as part of a RISE Bookseller Exchange program, an initiative aimed at strengthening the sharing of information across the global bookselling community. My destination: Anderson's in Naperville, Illinois, a revered institution in the realm of independent bookstores. This opportunity, facilitated by RISE, was the most wonderful week of learning and sharing, and truly reinforced why I love working in bookselling so much.

BookPeople Book of the Year Award 2024 shortlists

Tuesday 23rd April

BookPeople is thrilled to announce the 2024 Book of the Year Awards shortlists, celebrating exceptional Australian literature published in 2023. These awards recognise outstanding works that have connected Australian writers with readers nationwide, underscoring the significance of booksellers in fostering a vibrant literary community. These awards honour the remarkable talents of Australian authors and celebrate the passionate booksellers who play a pivotal role in connecting these compelling stories with a wider audience.

BookPeople BookData - Adult Fiction Book of the Year

  • Lola in the Mirror by Trent Dalton (HarperCollins Publishers Australia)
  • Green Dot by Madeleine Gray (Allen & Unwin)
  • Edenglassie by Melissa Lucashenko (University of Queensland Press)
  • Prima Facie by Suzie Miller (Picador Australia)
  • The Bookbinder of Jericho by Pip Williams (Affirm Press)
  • Stone Yard Devotional by Charlotte Wood (Allen & Unwin)

BookPeople BookData - Adult Non-Fiction Book of the Year

  • Bright Shining: How Grace Changes Everything by Julia Baird (HarperCollins Publishers Australia)
  • Question 7 by Richard Flanagan (Penguin Random House Australia)
  • Wifedom: Mrs Orwell's Invisible Life by Anna Funder (Hamish Hamilton)
  • Killing for Country: A Family Story by David Marr (Black Inc.)
  • The Voice to Parliament Handbook by Thomas Mayo & Kerry O'Brien (Hardie Grant Explore)
  • I'd Rather Not by Robert Skinner, Black Inc.

BookPeople Kids' Reading Guide - Children's Book of the Year

  • Scar Town by Tristan Bancks (Puffin)
  • If I Was A Horse by Sophie Blackall (Lothian Children's Books)
  • A Life Song by Jane Godwin & Anna Walker (Puffin)
  • Welcome to Sex by Dr. Melissa Kang & Yumi Stynes (Hardie Grant Children’s Publishers)
  • Artichoke to Zucchini by Alice Oehr (Scribble)
  • Kimmi by Favel Parrett (Hachette)

The winners will be announced at the BookPeople Gala Dinner and Awards Night on Sunday, June 16, at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park. 

If you love discount books, you don’t love their authors

Saturday 10th February

Opinion - The Age/SMH

Raymond Bonner

In his inaugural State of the Arts oration, Minister Tony Burke lauded the “history and legacy” of Labor’s commitment to the arts, tracing it back to Gough Whitlam.

Burke faulted recent Coalition governments for defunding many cultural programs. Writers have been “the most underfunded”, he added.

The Labor government has pledged $286 million to support the arts, the centre of its national cultural policy, which it has dubbed Revive.

It all sounds wonderful. But there is a glaring omission from Labor’s policy in Burke’s speech: how do you support writers if the market for their books is being steadily destroyed?

Health of Business Report

Thursday 25th January

This year our Health of Business report comes off the back of repeat surveys in 2021/2022. It is always good practice to compare periods and back-to-back reports given with this opportunity. With all the pressures booksellers face it is helpful to step back and consider those things we can control. The Health of Business Report provides information on various income and cost aspects of respondent’s businesses, their inventory mix, staffing, and the factors that contribute to profitability. 

Members can log in below to access a copy of the report.

Reminder on Australian Book Vouchers and BookPeople Gift Cards

Friday 8th December

Superseded Australian Book Vouchers scheme

Although we are no longer selling the Australian Book Vouchers, any vouchers still in circulation can be redeemed by bookshops. BookPeople will continue to guarantee bookshops that once they have exchanged a valid dated Australian Book Voucher for goods, an agreed monetary amount will be reimbursed on the return of the voucher.

It is important to remind staff to accept both Australian Book Vouchers and the new BookPeople Gift Cards whilst we are in this transition phase. 

More information can be found here

Do you know how to redeem BookPeople Gift Cards in your bookshop?

There are now thousands of the new BookPeople Gift Cards in circulation with many more to come as the gift-giving season gets into full swing. Ensure you don't lose a sale because you don't know what to do.

Download this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide complete with screenshots and who to contact if you get stuck. 

For any questions please contact the BookPeople office.

More information can be found here

New BookPeople Gift Cards

March 2023

BookPeople's gift cards are the culmination of several years’ work and an important step for your Association in modernising a key activity. Driving people to your bookshops is the focus of the program, and the more liquidity we can inject into our market the more we all benefit. Through BookPeople’s ongoing promotional program we will continue to build the profile of our industry and the cultural importance of books and reading. 

Please visit the booksellers information page for instructions, the bookshop manual, training video and FAQs.


BookPeople Buying Group update

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All ABA-produced marketing material seeks the involvement and contribution of BookPeople Buying Group booksellers in the curation of titles. Books promoted in the guides and newsletters are available to purchase at extra terms for Buying Group members and supported via the BookPeople and Kids’ Reading Guide social media channels.

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