Bookseller FAQs

I'm not a BookPeople Member, can I still redeem an Australian Book Voucher?

Yes any bookshop can redeem an Australian Book Voucher.

BookPeople guarantees bookshops, whether BookPeople members or not, that once they have exchanged vouchers for books, an agreed monetary amount will be reimbursed on the return of the voucher until the 'valid to' date stamped on the voucher. 

To be accepted for reimbursement an Australian Book Voucher must:

  • Have a 'valid to' date which has not yet been passed, please contact the BookPeople office if an expired voucher is presented
  • The bookseller must stamp or write 'cancelled' across the front of the redeemed voucher
  • Vouchers returned to BookPeople must be accompanied by a completed claim form
  • All cancelled vouchers must be returned by secure post to the ABA  for reimbursement


  • Returned vouchers are processed fortnightly. A bank transfer or cheque for returned vouchers and a remittance advice/tax invoice showing the GST amount are emailed to stores on the processing of a completed claim form
  • Booksellers will be reimbursed the face value less 11% for returned Australian Book Vouchers. The 11% comprises covers the cost of printing the vouchers, the administration of the scheme including marketing, postage, credit card fees, staffing and the GST. The bookseller can claim back the GST component as an input tax credit
  • GST is payable on the redemption of the vouchers, i.e. the exchange of vouchers for books. The vouchers are exchanged for books that have a GST-inclusive value. The bookseller must remit the GST component (1/11 of the value of the books supplied) to the Australian Tax Office. If a customer chooses books of a lesser value than the voucher, it is recommended that the bookseller issue another book voucher or credit note to the value of the difference


I want to open a bookshop, who can help me?

BookPeople is a membership organisation, and we provide a range of services and advice to our members. 

If you would like to become an individual member we can assist with finding an experienced bookseller mentor and other resources as you embark on setting up a bookshop. Please fill in an Application Form and we will be in contact.